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Also you can contact with the locals about the place. Learn about the weather or month, the condition of the water, temperature etc for the location you will decided to go. Because those factor have a great effect on fishing. Types of water whether you want to go is also important.

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There is difference between freshwater and saltwater fishing. Freshwater fishing means fishing in fresh water like ponds, rivers, lakes, creeks etc. It is the best way for angling. Saltwater means fishing on the ocean. It is the best place for catching big fish. Comparatively, needs more equipment. Dresses are also important factor for going to fishing.

Suitable dress can make you relax and also help for surviving on the condition. Here some list are given that you must need whether you will go for fishing. There are so many types of fishing.

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Here we discussed some popular types of fishing. Angling: The process of fishing by a hook and a line is called angling.

Perhaps it is the most popular method among the people who catch fishes as recreational activity. Equipments that are needed for angling-. Fish Trapping: Fish trapping is also used for fishing. These are mainly used for commercial purpose. This is also effective way to catch fish with few techniques. By Net: The net that can be able to catch fish by its structure is called fishing net.

These net are mainly prepared by nylon. Most popular fishing net are cast net, dragnet, driftnet, coracle net, gill net, hand net etc. These net have their individual character.

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Fishing nets are mainly used for catching big and more amount of fishes. Mainly crabs are caught by hand. Others: Without these there are also many fishing method like fly fishing, fishing with animals, jigging etc. Safety is placed first beyond all questions.

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So you should aware about your safety as a beginner. Follow these rules before the journey. After going to the spot you should research about environment condition.

This is also included to fishing tips. Always go out in the morning for fishing. Keep notice about the temperature of water. So, read on. Depending on the number of people who will join you, your choices range from rowboats to yachts. The important thing is that your boat should be strong enough to withstand the strong wind and waves.

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Use navigation charts and other educational materials that could help you study the area you want to fish. You should also know the species of fish that lives there to know the proper bait to use. Fishing at the right timing is the next thing you have to learn by knowing the best day to go based on the tide. You should also learn how fish respond on different situations or movements in the water.

This includes how the moon, sun, wind, and weather affect your target.

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You can ask the locals near the area or search the web for more information. Obviously, you need to gear up if you want to stay safe while fishing. Be sure to bring a life-jacket, a survival kit and a first-aid kit on the boat. You can never know when the wind and wave can get ugly so be prepared all the time.

Always bring a bunch of lures when fishing to keep it looking fresh for your target. In case you want to use live bait, remember to keep it in its best shape. Thus, remember to change the warm water into the cool water every two hours to hold enough oxygen.

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If you are planning to use a boat in fishing, it is trolling is the most popular way of fishing with a boat. A trolling boat uses a trolling motor to move slowly which is enough to keep the bait moving. Without too much movement, there is a big chance that a fish will notice and take the bait. You can also try other types of fishing in a boat like jigging, chumming, trap fishing, kite fishing, gillnetting, and seining.

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You can also fish like a pro even without a boat by surf fishing, spearfishing, or clam digging.