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Aren't you satisfied with all the problems you've caused me? Aren't you satisfied? What were you going to tell her? I've had enough of you. It's time to take drastic measures. Please, I need help.

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But what's going on? I'll help you. Slowly now, carefully. No, no, you have to go to the hospital.

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Slowly now. I have to go to the hospital. Look, stay here and rest while I go and look for help. I'm going to call Montecristo. He is the father and, and he needs to take you to the hospital.

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Don't move. Just hold on, please, ma'am. Let's take a photo together. One thing at a time. CLARA An associate of his late father's who lives in Tennessee is hoping that he'll come up there and head up a new production line. And well, if he and your daughter decide to get married, she could go with him.

They will provide a house and pay the tuition for Michel to go to business school. Don't you think so, my love? But it is a whole life's plan that you should really consider. I promise you that Andrea and I will talk it over. REBECA Okay, but don't take too long to decide, because I need to see this girl in her wedding dress, because she is going to look just beautiful.

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Do you need help? No, no, thank you. That's really heavy for you. I always see you around the estate.

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My name is Lazaro. I am the nephew of Pancho. Nice to meet you. Are you okay? Look, I am strong and, and for me this is nothing. I, I'll fill them with water again. Don't worry about it. Her baby is coming. Someone needs to take her to the hospital. Everyone went to the graduation of that boyfriend of Andrea's. You have to take her to the hospital. Help her.

He is the father. He isn't anywhere around here. I can't do anything. I don't want any problems with those people. You can't leave Missus Elena like this.. Elena and her child could die, Eduardo. Your bitterness is too great. I am very ashamed of you, Eduardo, very ashamed! Yeah, yeah, Tomasito.

I think that, I think that your baby is going to be born here in the house.

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She found me. That you wouldn't let her down. I'm going to get you to your doctor. To the success and the income that the new henhouse is generating. But you have made a huge sacrifice to get this farm moving forward, and I own everything to you. And now you are going to see that now that you've left your position as chauffeur, inhales things are going to change very quickly in your favor.

They changed since the moment you appeared in my life, Corina. And, well, now that we've made some good money, I think it's prudent that we set a date for our wedding..

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  • Our wedding is going to be the loveliest ever, kisses the loveliest kisses in the whole kisses world. I, I've been here several months praying and meditating, and the ghost of Daniela hasn't come back to bother me in all that time. NENA Yes, yes. I'm fine, I'm filled with peace, filled with tranquility. Anacleto is waiting for you. Go on. NENA Yes. Ah, Father, You are a saint. May God bless you, child. We're done with that. Do you think that the spirit will leave you in peace?.

    NENA No. SAID No! No, no, no, Nena.

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    • Not again. No, Nena. NENA Elena is in danger.. Turn that way. SAID No, no, no. No, no, no, that's enough of that. I'm not turning anywhere. No, Nena, nooooo! Hey, we're going to get killed! NENA We have to tell her the whole truth. As you wish. Please don't go. Missus Elena, don't be so stubborn. What could it hurt if Eduardo takes you? You're about to give birth.

      E, E, Eduardo, take her to the hospital! So, come on, let's go. Let go of me. I don't want to go with you, please. Come on, easy, come on. Call a taxi. Please just call a taxi. E, E, Eduardo will to take you to the hospital, because otherwise your baby will be born here.