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Police (Harry Hole #10)

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This is the novel that really freaked me out. Granted, several of the lead-ins turned out to be red herrings thankfully! Someone is going around killing Norwegian police officers involved with unsolved murders. Punishment for failure? Or something deeper?

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Harry Hole has left the force and is teaching at the police academy where he has more than his share of problems with a student determined to seduce him. Meanwhile, his old team is begging him for help, while Bellman, his corrupt nemesis, now chief of police, would love him to stay away.

Harry eventually capitulates and joins the hunt He eventually identifies the killer hmm Happy end? The corrupt police chief and his faithful sidekick Truls remain in place, a bit the worse for wear, and Harry might even be content for once in his life.

But crime fails to take a holiday and there are still a few killers out there some identified and left hanging. Is this the end of the series or just a breather? I'd love to see everything wrapped up, but I guess life isn't like that. This series was one of my best discoveries.

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Though these novels are definitely not "feel-good"in their outcomes, they are very much worth the read. October 28, - Published on Amazon. What is it about Scandinavian thriller writers? Inspector Hole is, not to put too fine an edge on it, a piece of work.

Police by Jo Nesbo - the new Harry Hole thriller

An alcoholic, deeply anti-authoritarian, and an obsessive investigator, he has finally cashed in all his chips with the department as Police opens. Harry Hole is now an ex-policeman, employed as a lecturer at the police academy. Now someone starts murdering police officers, and doing so at the sites of previous, unsolved murders. The pressure on Harry to come out of retirement becomes fierce. Invalid email or username, please try again.


Police (Harry Hole, #10) by Jo Nesbø

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