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The Declaration of Independence is almost certainly the most powerful piece of political rhetoric The First Continental Congress, which had met in Philadelphia during . A writer of remarkable power and great elegance, Jefferson was selected by the . The right to one's life does not entail that one will be free from fatal.

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Ravasoo A. Nonlinear waves in characterization of inhomogeneous elastic material. Nonlinear interaction of longitudinal waves in elastic material. Numerical analysis of solitonic structures in systems with higher-order dispersion and nonlinearity. Sanko, J. Method of piano hammer parameters determination. Applications of Structural Synthesis of Programs. Multi- co iteration, categorically. Mendler-style inductive types, categorically. Computing, , 6, 3, Primitive co recursion and course-of-value co iteration, categorically. Identification of memory kernels in heat conduction and viscoelasticy.

Hoffman et al. Vaarmann, O. Some approximate methods for solving nonlinear ill-posed problems. Component based development of hybrid control systems. Scheme development for specification of hybrid components of control systems.

Specification of hybrid components of control systems. Kopacek, C. A tool for flexible planning of rescue routes. Sano, R. Linear dependence of myocardium oxygen consumption on stress-strain area predicted by cross-bridge model. Aben H. Strange interference blots in the interferometry of inhomogeneous birefringent objects. Optics, , 36 , 28, Photoelastic tomography for three-dimensional flow birefringence studies.

Anton J. Automatic measurements of residual stresses in tempered tumbler. Aranda-Bricaire E. Equivalence of discrete-time nonlinear systems to prime systems under proper generalized output transformations. European Control Conference' Berezovski A.

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Continuous cellular automata algorithm for simulation of heat conduction. Continuous cellular automata for simulation of thermoelasticity. Simulation of nonlinear heat conduction by means of thermodynamics based algorithm. Engelbrecht J. Nonlinear wave phenomena and nonlocality.

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Eek A. Simple perception experiments on Estonian word prosody: foot structure vs. Lehiste, J. Tallinn, , Haav H. An object classifier based on Galois approach. Kangassalo, J.

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Nilsson, H. Jaakkola, S. Hertzen R. Bifurcation structure of a driven van der Pol-type equation. Aalto and T. Hooman J. Combining conceptual modelling and formal methods to design control systems. Owe Eds. Jaakkola H. Estonian information technology policy in government, industry and research.

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Improving IT education in Estonian Universities. Janno J. Discretization and regularization of an inverse problem related to a quasilinear hyperbolic integrodifferential equation. On regularization method for the autoconvolution equation.

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Identification of weakly singular memory kernels in heat conduction. Inverse problem for identification of memory kernels in viscoelasticity. Kalda J. On the optimization of Monte-Carlo simulations. Kalja A. A conceptual framework for software developing in mechanical CAD. Acta Universitates Ouluensis. Oulu, , C , Model matching problem for nonlinear recursive system. State-space realization of input-output nonlinear difference equations. From design formulas to parallel implementations.

Haveraaen, O. Lepp R. Approximation of extremum problems with probability cost functionals. Marti and P. Discrete approximation of nonlinear control. Discretization of regularized integral equations in L. Inverse Ill-Posed Problems, , 5, 4, On the convex approximation of the stability region and robust control. On the robust controller design via Schur invariant transforms. Engng, , 3, 4, Robust control via convex approximation of the stability region.

Penjam J. On conception of informatics education.

Locus Magazine, Issue 624, January 2013

Riga, , Peterson P. Travelling waves in forced Korteweg-de Vries system. Solitons in a perturbed Korteweg-de Vries system. Randvee I.

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Adaptive estimation scheme for linear interconnected subsystems. Subsystem formation in two-level control scheme. Riismaa T. Restructuration of control scenarios. Salupere A. On the application of pseudospectral methods for solving nonlinear evolution equation and discrete spectral analysis. Tallinn, TTU, , Solitons in systems with a quartic potential and higher-order dispersion.

Stulov A. Comparison of string vibration spectra excited by a different piano hammers.