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The Declaration of Independence is almost certainly the most powerful piece of political rhetoric The First Continental Congress, which had met in Philadelphia during . A writer of remarkable power and great elegance, Jefferson was selected by the . The right to one's life does not entail that one will be free from fatal.

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Does This Feel Wrong? After a couple of years of doing this she has never fell for a client, until him. She tried to fight it, but we all know that never ends well. Her client, Damon, won't let her keep him out because he knows they're meant to be heart, body, and soul.

Damon wants Elena to see this is more than just an attraction. For Elena it means to fulfill her destiny, while Damon has to face the challenge of his life. It's not going to be easy because Elena has suffered horribly during the last two years of her past. Daddy and His Little Girl by mm reviews Daddy, his little girl, and their son. Elena Makes a Choice by mssmithlove reviews This story is pure smut so be warned.

Elena makes her decision and our 3 beloved main characters all benefit. Rated M for a reason.

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Blurred Lines by nickscankicks reviews The meeting was planned. But everything that followed wasn't. A one night stand that blossomed into friendship. But after that one time, it became more than once. Friends, but with benefits? Now that never works out. Being roommates, with benefits? Now how exactly is that supposed to work?

M-rated for a reason. Cannonball by DE92 reviews The Gilbert's and the Salvatore's are two families in a small town who hate each other, one family good working on the right side of the law, the other bad and playing on the wrong. The hatred slips down the generations, including the youngest ones, Damon, Stefan, Elena and Jeremy. But it has been said that there is a fine line between love and hate. Chained To You by DamonsMuse83 reviews Hauntingly beautiful twin sisters are sold by their recently widowed father and are sent on very different paths at the young age of When level-headed Elena is purchased by a mysterious man with haunting blue eyes she quickly falls into a world of lust that feels impossible to escape.

Will Elena be able to resist the seduction of her master?

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Will she want to?. A house on sand by AlexisPetrova reviews Damon's life suddenly changes for the worse when he gets the news that Stefan has been murdered. He's made it his purpose in life to find the killer and make them pay. But is revenge worth it when the cost is love? Will his thirst for blood be more powerful than this new developing love? The Little Things by Dr. Badass reviews Elena Gilbert has failed to conceive with her husband, can she take up a guys offer of a "donation" when it's her best friend Damon offering the goods? Breathe Me by ES Salvatore reviews Pop sensation Elena Gilbert has agreed to move across the country with her father for the summer, only expecting to spend two weeks in the southern sun.

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But, when a new neighbor makes an appearance in her life, baring a connection she can't ignore, she begins to question everything, including the life she chose to live. But what happens when you test fate? You lose everything. Home for the Holidays by delena25 reviews Set in the near future, four months into Elena's first year of college.

She comes home for the winter holidays and Damon is very happy to have her back. Fair warning: serious smut ensues! A smut-athon, one might even say - I was inspired after watching them all over each other in the season premiere. Season 5 compatible so far, trying to keep it as true to the series as possible!

Under Control by twistedcandy reviews Studying at the boarding house turns into much more than what Elena was expecting. Damon finds that Elena likes to be under control and a passionate coupling ensues. Mister Possessive Alpha by xxxdamonkatxxx reviews Elena Gilbert always wanted her life to be full of love and happiness. She meets her soul mate who keeps cheating on her and a stalker,who is keen on making Elena his mate. Will Damon Salvatore treat her like a true mate and save her from the evil in this world?

Red Love by dobrevhs reviews Elena Gilbert is a 19 year old girl starting her first year at college. Stefan and Damon Salvatore are brothers who are often mistaken for best friends, also attending college, purely out of boredom. Elena meets the brothers and shows no sudden interest but Damon is very persistent.

Bella's been lusting after library patron Edward for a while. He appears to be the epitome of a perfect gentleman, but you know what they say about judging a book by its cover Rock Hard, Love Harder by chellethebelle reviews Damon Salvatore, the lead guitarist of the world-famous band, The Mystic Republic, is used to getting what he wants - women, alcohol and music.

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But when he realizes he's falling for the one person who is off limits, the world as he knows it shifts from right under him. What will loving his best friend's little sister and band manager mean for the band and ultimately, his heart? The Hunter's Heart by deepoceaneyes reviews In June of , the lives of two very different individuals are about to change drastically.

One, a beautiful girl who yearns for more. The other, a rugged and troubled Pirate who yearns for less. When fate brings these two together, will their love be able to conquer over all? This is a story full of passion, adventure, and, of course, a little danger. You Found Me by ashley-nichole92 reviews All Humans - Damon has known the Gilbert girls since Pre-K, but what happens when he finds his mind wandering to all the things little ol' Elena Gilbert could give to him.

Sexually, and beyond. Rated M! Willing by Trogdor19 reviews A mouthwateringly lemony one-shot about Damon and vampire Elena sharing a feed, and the passionate aftermath that helps her accept her vampire nature. Rated for mature audiences only. Broken and ready to forget the past, Elena goes to study abroad in Italy and is sponsored by the Salvatore family. While one of the brothers is sweet and caring, the other brings out the fire she thought had burnt out.

Alternate continuation from Ep. After the death of Elena's parents she goes to stay with Caroline and her new husband Klaus in the Windy City. There she gets caught up in the dark world of Damon, vampires, gangs, illegal liquor and jazz. You Have the Right to Remain Dirty by Dirty Talkin' Edward contest reviews There's a dumpster and a hooker, but his mouth may be the dirtiest thing in this alley! French towels can be a Blessing by T. Wise reviews Damon never dreamt of a hell like this.

To love your brother's girl, to feel the sexual tension but feel too guilty to act since said brother saved your fucking life. Damon is trapped inside the Salvatore mansion by a spell. Elena keeps Damon company while she recovers from her injuries.

Two Points for Honesty by preciouseternity reviews In order to fool her family into thinking she has her life together, Elena asks Damon to pretend to be her committed boyfriend for her sister's wedding week. Can they pull it off? Or will their growing feelings for each other become disastrous for everyone?

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Unsuccessfully Saying Goodbye by EtherealDemon reviews After all is said and done Damon is about to leave, but decides to say goodbye to Elena before he does. It doesn't really go as he thought it would. Suggestions and Ideas for lemons always welcome.

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Bonded By Blood by damons-eternal-flame reviews Blood is what she wanted, what she needed. She knew Stefan isn't willing to help her, so she turned to the darkness for help. Will this one night change eternity for them forever? Anyone would do anything but live her life, while she doesn't know any better. She lives in a whorehouse. And a very peculiar one at that. Their clients are all into sadomasochism.

What happens when a certain blue eyed man buys her out of the place, for his own use? Read to find out! No, really, she does!