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Does the work ever stop? Monday is the day for us to have a rest and go have fun. Was this always the deal? This was arranged just lately. All of the previous years we would work 7 days a weeks, 18 hours a day. This is how the restaurant was set up. Now we have the stuff to help us, too, but this means we have extra problems and responsibilities. You enter from one door and exit from another.

How did you learn the craft? We were a big family, 9 siblings in total, and I was the second in line, so we had to work and bring money in the family.

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I went to work to an aunt of mine and she taught me to make shevdalies, and kebab on the grill. I needed the money. How hard was it for a year-old girl to be a griller? We were used to hard work, at the fields or elsewhere, ever since we were 6 years old. Aristos and Kiki from Paphos, became refugees, they fled the country and they relocated, until they could see their family established in Limassol. When did you get your own shop?

KIKI: Yearswent by.

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I come from Emba in Paphos, but when I got married, in the beginning of the 19 70s, we had to leave and go to Nicosia, because my husband was a musician and he could work in entertainments venues there. I was working at a marble factory. After a while, Aristos got a job in Kyrenia, as a musician in a hotel. The coup found us there and Aristos was imprisoned because, coming from Paphos, he was though to be a supporter of President Makarios.

On the eve of the Turkish invasion, he was released from the jail in at the castle. We were seeing the ships in the sea for some days before, but we did not think something was going to happen. We left our place with just a suitcase for the night, but we had to stay in Paphos with nothing, where I gave birth to Mary, afterwards.

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KIKI: Yes, we had no place of our own, no jobs, nothing. My husband left to get a job in France and we followed him afterwards. They did not let us get in the country at first. We had to buy a return ticket, in order to allow us to enter the country, just like it is now with refugees. We went back a month later to be able to stay. When we came back to Cyprus, around the s, we had to come to Limassol to get a job.

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Back then, Limassol started to have some appealing entertainment options and the places with live music worked every night, so my husband could find a job, playing the keyboards. Still, i had to work, too. I worked in hotels at first. Then we opened the shop at Makarios avenue, making traditional koupes and honey balls. I also started working with my grandpa and grandma afterwards, at their shop on the seaside road. I worked there until the mids. We had partners at first, but we bought their share to make it work properly. Was that are different back then?

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In the mids, the road was finished. But, at first it was just us around here.

We were not afraid, though. I could stay at the shop until 3 am by myself. Mary and Georgia, the 2 daughters of Aristos and Kiki, remember their entire lives at the grill , but they taught themselves to have fun with it.. When did Mary and Georgia start working at the restaurant? The same goes for our own children, too. I even made my first steps in the restaurant.

We would also take our own children to the restaurant, ever since they were babies in their basket. I would get the stool in front of the lavatory and wash the dishes.

What was the schedule? On Fridays, though, I would go to the restaurant for the entire weekend.

Was there time for holidays? Our honey moon was just a 1-day trip to Latchi. Was this something you were forced to, or was it something coming from inside you? You have to be there and help. There was the need for hands to work and there was no option for hiring people back then, so we had to work, even though we had other jobs, too, like I did in an office and like Elias in a factory, or Georgia at a shipping company later on.

ELIAS: After , when the new road was finished, we moved to the restaurant across the street, the one we still have now, and we established the family business, so we had to do our best to keep it. You did study, though, and you did get jobs in offices. I also had my degree as a kindergarten teacher, but, back then, the salary was better if you were working in an office, so I never pursued a job as a teacher.

At the same time, I was working in the restaurant on weekends, because I also had my first child in Elias was at the restaurant everyday. The first thing I did after I got engaged, was to make honey balls laughs. I did learn the job just like everyone else did, from up close.

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That was the time for the family business to grow, though, so we needed more hands. My schedule was quite pressing, because I was working at the office, I had recently been engaged, and I had to work at the restaurant, too. I had to make things more simple, so I chose to stay in the restaurant. When you work for your own business, you get better money. You know that the more and the better you work, the more money you will make.

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