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Muhammad described the punishment of a person who neglected a pet:. In Islam, hunting for sport is prohibited; Muslims may hunt only by Allah's permission as needed for food.

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Sport hunting was common during Muhammad's time, and according to companions and relatives, he condemned it. Islamic dietary law allows Muslims to eat meat, though certain animals are not allowed as food. Guidelines must be followed when slaughtering to minimize the animal's suffering. In some Muslim communities, Islamic guidelines regarding animals aren't followed.

Some people mistakenly believe that humans' needs take priority, so animal rights are not an urgent issue. Others find excuses to be cruel to animals. The best way to combat such ignorance is through education and good example.

Non-Human Animals: Crash Course Philosophy #42

Share Flipboard Email. Updated August 09, Japanese edition: Tokyo: Kyobunkan Publishing, The most comprehensive treatment of the status of animals from a theological perspective. A study of Jewish and Christian teaching about animals, which shows the resources within both traditions for a positive understanding of animals.

Co-edited with Dorothy Yamamoto. A collection of original studies on animals with contributions by Richard Bauckham, J. Rogerson, Stephen R. Clark, John B. Cobb Jr.

Director - Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

McDaniel and others. An evangelical sequel to Animal Theology, which argues, inter alia, that there is something Christ-like about the innocent suffering of animals which should compel a response of Christ-like generosity.

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  • Linzey shows that many of the justifications for inflicting animal suffering in fact provide grounds for protecting them. Because animals, the argument goes, lack reason or souls or language, harming them is not an offence. Linzey suggests that just the opposite is true, that the inability of animals to give or withhold consent, their inability to represent their interests, their moral innocence, and their relative defencelessness all compel us not to harm them.

    Linzey pioneers a new theory about why animal suffering matters, maintaining that sentient animals, like children, should be accorded a special moral status. Bernstein, Mark Rowlands, Joan E.

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      Call to Compassion: Religious Perspectives on Animal Advocacy

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